Apr 7, 2008

Cool DSLR Tip - DIY Flash Diffuser!!!

Check out this COOL TIP on fixing the problem of flash-overkill! It seems that if I need my flash for, say, an indoor close-up, that it's TOO MUCH flash and it completely takes all the fun details out of whatever I'm taking a photo of. But, if I try to take the photo without my flash, then it's too dark.

I am so going to dig around and find an old film cannister to make one of these little beauties. It's like flash-lite (not flashlight). This solves a common dilemma in a cheap and handy way. I love tips like this!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Just a thought ~
I heard an interesting tip at a photography club meeting . . . diffuse flash in a pinch by simply holding a (thin/cheap) tissue Or a piece of white tissue paper in front of flash. Not sure how well it works.