Apr 8, 2008

Still Lovin' Rocket Life

I am working on a book at Rocket Life! The more I use it, to more I love it! Their tools are AWESOME! Like the B-Ball page - I used their program to remove the color from everyone around my little B-Ball player. It was as easy as rubbing out the color around him with my mouse. There are about half a dozen ways you can crop and alter the photos. Just enough without being too much.

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You can also upload PNG files as easily as uploading photos. They can be placed on the page and then dragged around - the drag-and-drop model everyone wants! You can't place infinite amounts of embellishments on a page (I think it's like 5 per page) but that's what I like about it! You can't fuss endlessly - a few photos, some journaling and a couple of embellishments here and there and you're done! You can upload digital paper and use it for the background also. The only thing on the beach page that isn't from my digital stash is the title.

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This final layout is a 100% Rocket Life layout. It's their background - with the optional photo integrated into it. It's also their placeable snowflake. Notice the tiny "tools" box. Each graphic or photo you place on the page is alterable. The tool box doesn't show unless you have clicked on a graphic on the page. The arrows in the circle are for you to stretch the graphic or rotate it. And, if you get too big, a yellow CAUTION sign appears telling you it's not going to look good. I like that feature, it keeps you from doing an "oopsie" with a photo.

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Anyway, I just wanted to share the joy of Rocket Life! This is a great product - one of the easiest complete solutions for getting into digital books that I have come across so far. I've blogged about them THREE TIMES now. They must be doing something right!

I'm hosting a scrapbook night at my house on Friday for my friends and I told them that I'd show them how to make digital books since many have asked me about it. Guess which website we're going to use? They are going to be amazed!


Aly D said...

great book! looks like an easy program to use!

Focus said...

Awesome book!!!........I'm on my way right now to check them out.....tfs.

Focus said...

Now I remember why I don't use it.......it is compatible with only one browser - IE. To bad....I may have to download IE just to use it.