Apr 1, 2008

Remember the Making Memories April Fools Video Joke?

I was thinking about an April Fools joke today and was reminded of the Making Memories store fight of, gosh, probably 5 years ago. It was posted at the MM website at the time and I looked all over YouTube today and couldn't find it. Bummer.

It was made to look like a video from a store security camera. It was two women who both tried to pick up the last of some hot MM product. They start arguing over it and then it comes to blows. They are smacking and hair-pulling and knocking displays over. It was so hilarious because you weren't entirely sure it wasn't real until the end.

Oh well, Happy April Fools Day. We are on our second day of Spring Break and our third day with snow on the ground. I'm with Cathy Zielske, "DIE SNOW!!!" We haven't gotten that much here in the Seattle area this winter - just a lot of rain. But, we don't need or want it in April! It's just so wrong. It murdered all the daffodils. So not fair.... "Hello, Mr. Gore? I'm ready for the Global Warming you promised me."

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