May 7, 2008

The Birth of a Scrapper...

I blogged about how cool newbie Scrappers are a few days ago when I was getting ready to have a crop night at my house. Well, I want to introduce you to one of the newest scrappers in the country - this is Marcia and her VERY FIRST SCRAPBOOK PAGE!!!!! I stood by her as she cropped her photos and I helped her choose paper from her stack and loaned her my snowflake punch and gave her the WINTER embellishment. She stamped the date on it and was done!

We had to decide 8 1/2 x 11 vs 12x12. She chose the smaller size for now because she can't imagine filling a 12x12 page nor storing those bigger albums.

I realized how important it is for someone to be there to help a new scrapper. She had purchased a lot of products and tools but was unsure about them AND discovered that maybe she hadn't made the best choice. She was unsure about her adhesive (which was fine - just a tape runner) and frustrated with her trimmer which was one of those personal rotary ones that makes it hard to see exactly where you're trimming. I hauled out my Tonic ones (the 12 inch with the compact base and the smaller one for trimming photos) and she was suddenly IN LOVE. If I (or some other personal memory consultant) had been with her when she shopped, she might not have bought the other trimmer and would have been more confident in her choices.

I hope she'll keep coming to our crop nights and will find her "groove" to scrap all those photos of her two adorable little girls!

Welcome to our world, Marcia!!!

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