May 28, 2008

Check out this unbelievable cake!!!

Check out this birthday cake that Sandra Brindley's friend had made for her. Sandra is the owner of the The Memory Workshop in British Columbia and a ScrapBiz Team Member (Maven).
Talk about having a GREAT FRIEND! I asked her if her friend needs MORE friends - LOL!

The cake is UNBELIEVABLE! I had to look twice to see that it wasn't the real deal!


Creative Junkie said...

OK - I KNOW I'm going to sound like an idiot, but is that a real cake, as in, you can actually eat it? Because if so, that is phenomenal. If it isn't, I'm going to feel like a moron! Either way, awesome gift!

Kim said...

Yup - it was a REAL cake. It was covered with fondant which is like sugary play-dough that you roll out and can cut and mold.

I can't imagine cutting into it, either!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

Yes, its a real cake. But the cake part is just...cake. Nothing special like the outside! If it weren't for scrapbooking and all the pictures we took, I don't know if I could have beared to cut it!

Musicmom-Amy said...

Watch out Ace of Cakes! Wow!!!

emily said...

That is unbelievable!I was going to ask the same question as "creative junkie"!