May 29, 2008

Special PMA/PSRO Membership Deal!

Normally, the cost of a PMA/PSRO membership starts at $149 (based on sales volume). And, this time of the year, they usually offer a 4 month trial membership for just $50. But, the Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization is offering an AMAZING deal right now! Get a 16-month (not 4 month) trial membership for $50! The trial period goes from June 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009!

I have been working closely with the PSRO writing articles for their business newsletter and as an advisor. Their team is really GREAT and working hard to make the PSRO the best it can be! I really believe this organization is committed to helping scrapbook retailers of all types. They will continue to add services for members in the coming months to make it the best organization in the industry (okay, besides ScrapBiz - LOL!)

Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Current issue of PSRO Retailing News, their monthly e-newsletter with articles by retail and scrapbook experts (including moi!), an In the Spotlight retailer feature, and much more! (LOVE IT!) PSRO members can access two years of archived issues.
  • Find A Scrapbook Retailer database.
  • A library of PSRO Business Briefs (Great information!)
  • PSRO News Clips bulletin board of new products, industry news, etc. (I often find interesting stuff here!)
  • PSRO Business Resources – including the "PSRO Guide to Scrapbook Retailing", PSRO Retailers Operations Guide CD, PMA Consumer Scrapbook Report, 2007 National Scrapbookers Trend Report (a MUST READ for every retailer!), and much more.
  • PSRO Education - in conjunction with the annual PMA International Convention & Trade Show. PMA 09 is set for March 3-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We also offer regional PSRO education such as Expos in Canada and Australia. (I loved the PMA show and look forward to more participation by our industry in it!)
  • A free Digital AdMaker program for designing ads, counter mats and Internet banners
  • Direct mail program, designed for PSRO by PostcardBuilder – with customized templates featuring scrapbook-related images (old photos, etc.)
  • PSRO members also get the monthly PMA magazine in the mail with news and features from around the imaging industry (come back in a day or two and read what I just found in the latest PMA magazine)
  • Bankcard processing, Meadowbrook Insurance (several PMA members have commented they save enough on insurance – and get a 10% rebate each year – to more than cover their annual dues!), discounts on shipping, office products, Ultimate Scrapbook Retailers Supplier Directory, Who's Who Guide, and more!
  • The PMA Newsline International at is a daily bulletin board of industry news and new products including scrapbook and digital scrapbooking information, cameras, printers, archival papers, etc.

You can download a trial membership application HERE. Write in "16-month trial membership" and my name, Kim Guymon, on the REFERRED BY line at the top. I hope you'll join us as we help this organization become the best thing for the industry since textured cardstock!

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