May 30, 2008

The Hybridization of a Photo Book

I recently finished my 2007 Family Photo Book and when I get it, I'm going to add tabs with the months on them using this McGill file tab punch. The pages are laid out by months so it will be fun to tab the sections. I love to alter the photo books a bit to make them more "hybrid".

There are so many traditional products you can use in the digital photo books! I never leave them as-is. I always have to personalize them somehow to blend my love of traditional and digital scrapping. This book will get the "tab treatment" (and probably some other embellishments, too). I will also add my family Christmas letter. I created a page in the December section that's embellished but devoid of photos. I'll just pop in a folded copy of our annual letter. It's a great way to add your concise story of the year to a book.

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