Jun 16, 2008

Stupid and Desperate Business Practice Number 358

Seriously, I should number them. There are SO MANY that I run into on a daily basis. Number 358 is "don't act desperate and make your customers mad". This one ranks up there with the "we are going to charge for each piece of luggage" that some Airlines are starting. BTW - they are also going to charge for water. Pretty soon they will have coin slots on the toilet doors and you'll have to pay $5 for a seat belt.

My church (ward) is having their annual Golf Tournament in July. They usually have about a dozen or so people who participate. Well, this year, when they called the Golf Course to make reservations, they were told that in addition to the $24 per person (not including cart or club rental) that each golfer would be REQUIRED to drop a minimum of $5 at the snack bar AND another minimum of $5 in the Pro Shop. WHAT?!

So, what do you think will happen? The golfers will buy the least expensive thing in each place. So, does that REALLY stimulate anyone to buy a lot? No one will say, "Hey, let's buy a new $75 golf shirt"! All it does is make people mad and resentful. And, what happens if they DON'T drop their required $5 each place? Does the price for golf go up to $34 each to cover that $10? In my opinion, just charge the $34 and be done with it. Don't tick me off by forcing me to do something I may not want to do.

So, what if? What if you went to a scrapbook convention or crop and the organizer said, "Hey, it's $25 per person and you are REQUIRED to spend $10 with each vendor there"? Can you hear the riot? Women armed with staplers and scissors would light their torches and be out looking for the ogre who came up with that stupid idea.

Don't look desperate. People aren't stupid but they will just think you are.


Anonymous said...

"Pretty soon they will have coin slots on the toilet doors"

I remember seeing that in an airport in probably the early 70s. Obviously it didn't catch on!

Kim said...

Pay toilets were a dumb idea. All it did was send people into stores and restaurants to look for free toilets. It's like charging for checked luggage. All it will do is delay flights as the airlines end up checking luggage that really isn't carry-on size at the plane's door. And, there will be a surge in competition for overhead bin space as everyone attempts to carry everything on and that will result in grumpier than normal travellers.

Do people not THINK of the outcome of such stupid decisions?