Jul 9, 2008

The K.I.S.S. Scrapbook

I finally got some prints made from my nephew's wedding at the end of May. I made this quickie book for Mark's oldest brother (the Father of the Bride who lives alone in Florida far from family). The photos are all pictures of Dave with his siblings, his son and his nieces and nephews.

I forgot how sweet simplicity can be at times! I picked up this 25 sleeve 4x6 photo album at Michaels. The plastic cover had pockets that just had a piece of printed card stock in them. I pulled them out and made my own front and back covers using some family-theme embellishments. Then I just put the photos in the book. The majority of pages just had photos in them. But the final page, with a photo of 7 out of 8 of my husband's siblings and their father got a little embellishment on the facing page. Some of the photos I put a rub-on on the outside of the sleeve with a poem or quote about family. It was so simple and took me under an hour. I think the book was $1.99 and I probably used about $5 worth of embellishments and the 22 prints I used were free plus shipping from a recent Shutterfly sale.

Sometimes I forget how good it feels to keep it simple!

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