Jul 7, 2008

You Get What You Pay For...

I've talked about the Dollar Tree Scrapbooking products before (Miss Elizabeth's). My mom lives near a big Dollar Tree in a very non-scrapping community so for a while, she would buy TONS of the Miss Elizabeth's stuff and bring it to me. I have WAY TOO MUCH of it and I usually give much of it away. The other day I was working on a project and needed some FAMILY embellishments. So, I opened up my FAMILY box and found these. I found them in this state. These are puffy plastic stickers and they had curled up from the plastic sheet they were on. They did this IN THE PACKAGE in a box in my room which is out of direct sunlight and air conditioned.

They hit the garbage can after that (and several of their friends in other boxes who were doing the same thing). Yes, I know, they are on plastic so there may have more easily curled up from the smooth surface, but I would have been really ticked if they had done this on a layout.

Even some of the sheets of letter stickers Mom had bought me had stickers falling off of them. The adhesive just wasn't holding. Sort of like the $1 tape runners she bought me. They all hit the garbage can when I couldn't get them to hold anything on. I made a lovely card and before I could even get it into the envelope, things were sliding off.

Like I said, you often get what you pay for when it comes to dollar store scrapbook products. My kids learned that lesson a few years ago after begging for trip after trip to the local dollar store to buy junk that would be broken 5 minutes after they got home. It was a great lesson in quality. Not everything at the dollar stores is junk, but you also can't assume that everything is good quality either.

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Remember When Creations said...

You are so right, Kim! The Miss Elizabeth stuff is truly junk!