Aug 15, 2008

Old Magnetic Albums Should be Outlawed

Mark is out of town for a couple of days and that usually means I end up sitting in front of the TV late into the night watching all those shows on Discovery Health that make men really uncomfortable.

Tonight was a show about double identical twins. Short story - infertile woman has fertility treatments that result in a set of identical girls and a set of identical boys in the same pregnancy (YIKES!).

Anyway, at one point in the show, the woman and her own twin sister are looking through a photo album. And it's one of those NASTY, YELLOWING magnetic albums (why do they call them "magnetic"?) And it was in full acidic form - I've never seen one THAT yellow. It broke my heart - get those photos out of there, ladies, or you won't have those photos much longer!!!

We should start a movement to save America's photos from those albums! I got mine out 10 years ago. I was so ashamed that I hadn't done it sooner!

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