Aug 8, 2008

She must have been a scrapbooker

I ran to the store last night and when I got there, the parking lot had two firetrucks and an ambulance in it. Apparently, there was a medical emergency of some sort in a car. I parked nearby and saw an older woman sitting behind the wheel - she was surrounded by about 10 EMT's and Firefighters (why do they all look so good in their uniforms - LOL!) all crowded in the car with her. She didn't look particularly distressed but something was going on. Another woman - I presume her daughter - was calmly walking around outside the car with her cell phone open taking photos. She was taking them casually from every angle (she didn't look particularly distressed either). It made me chuckle because I immediately thought, "She must be a scrapbooker!"

I am guilty of stuff like that. The house across the street from us was struck by lightning and caught on fire when we lived in Indiana. AFTER I called 911, I started taking pictures. My oldest son fell face-first into a little pile of snow when he was a toddler and after making sure he wasn't hurt, I ran in to get my camera. I sometimes forgot I was supposed to be helping Mark in rehab because I was busy taking photos. The PT's always teased me about being too busy to learn how to help him. Hey, it needed to be documented!

Barack Obama had a staffer fall off a curb and twist her ankle because she was texting and walking. Someday I'm going to do the same because I'm too busy taking photos and walking. Life is great - I want to document every minute of it!

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