Aug 11, 2008

You've Got a Scrapbook in my Camera... No, you've got a Camera in my Scrapbook!

Remember this Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ad?

Check out the new Sony Cybershot - not only is it one COOL looking little camera (and I'm a Sony fan anyway so I assume I'll own one of these babies eventually - LOVE my Alpha 100).

Apparently, scrapbooking and photos have come together inside a trim digital camera (that comes in FUN colors). According to this press release: The camera also has a scrapbook function that automatically creates simulated scrapbook pages. Now you can share, print or save your scrapbooks unlike previous models.

That definitely has a high "cool factor" to it.
I'm dreaming here, but wouldn't it be cool to have your photos print out completely scrapped?! What a timesaver! I'd have to find something else to feel guilty about - LOL!

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