Aug 25, 2008


Synergy is the term used to describe a situation where the final outcome of a system is greater than the sum of its parts.

We have a whole lotta Synergy going on at ScrapBiz. If you want to see how the scrapbook industry could work together to make ourselves better as a whole industry, you have to look no farther than ScrapBiz. The result is that while many retailers are struggling, many ScrapBiz members are reporting growth. I firmly believe it's because of the support and synergy they get from ScrapBiz. I'm not talking about ScrapBiz as in "Kim Guymon", I'm talking about ScrapBiz as in our wonderful savvy business members who have formed a sisterhood of scrapbook business support.

Some examples:

  • Members ordering products from member manufacturers in HUGE quantities
  • Members working at consumer expos for other members
  • Members selling each others products at shows
  • Members designing and/or packaging products for other member businesses
  • Group buys and order splits to make sure you have a huge variety but not too much of anything
  • Member businesses merging with or buying other member businesses
  • Members critiquing other member's sites or products
  • Members becoming partners with each other and starting new businesses together
  • Members placing group ads in Magazines for discounted prices (did you see our ad in the new September/October Memory Makers?)

Really, it doesn't matter where you are in your business. Our active members who have been around for a long time STILL say ScrapBiz is an important part of their business. New and seasoned members both find great support and information there.

We have options for people who want to start a business as well as options for people already in business. CLICK HERE to see how you can become part of this amazingly synergistic scrapbook retailer group. I daresay there isn't another group in the whole industry as active and with the level of support you'll find at ScrapBiz.

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