Aug 23, 2008



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Scrapbook Business Brings Digital Offerings to Retailers
ScrapBiz Announces New PhotoBookBiz Program

(EVERETT, WA. August 22, 2008) Professionally printed photo books are quickly becoming the scrapbooks of the 21st century. According to current research from the Photo Marketing Association, the photo book industry is expected to top $350 million by the end of 2008 with nearly 10% of U.S. households having made at least one book.

For the past six years, Everett, WA based has helped entrepreneurial scrapbook enthusiasts set up their own businesses selling traditional paper, embellishments and kits for the "hands-on" approach to scrapbooking. Now ScrapBiz is offering members the ability to profit from photo books in addition to their traditional offerings through a new PhotoBookBiz Program.

"The scrapbook industry has changed rapidly in the last five years," said Kim Guymon, industry consultant and founder of ScrapBiz. "Digital scrapbooking and photo books have become very popular ways to preserve your memories. The majority of scrapbookers have digital cameras and for some of them, it makes more sense to print a photo book rather than individual photos. Retailers in the traditional scrapbook industry have struggled to figure out how to capitalize on this trend. The PhotoBookBiz Program is that answer to that question.”

The wholesale Photobook Biz program is offered by ScrapBiz and supported by Visan Industries, the creators of Rocket Life. Visan provides the creative software plug-in, product printing and fulfillment while ScrapBiz provides the business support and marketing materials.

Retailers can offer their customers photo products such as mugs, calendars, cards and collages in addition to the photo books. "The plug-in or creative platform used to make these products is very user friendly yet innovative," said Guymon. "Visan's exclusive 'Smart Arrangement Technology' makes creating a beautiful product or book easy for anyone who knows how to click and drag."

Currently, the program is only available to ScrapBiz members but will be launched this October to all retailers in the scrapbook industry. Interested retailers may sign up at to receive more information on the program.


If you’d like more information on ScrapBiz or PhotobookBiz, email Kim Guymon at

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