Sep 16, 2008

From the "What the Heck Were They Thinking" Files

Seriously, did Fiskars jump the shark? Have they lost their mind? Is their product design department drinking their lunches?

Okay, the name is clever - Rock, Paper, Trimmer. But, it's like they came up with the name before they produced the trimmer and then FORCED something odd out.

Look at this paper trimmer with built in MP3 Speakers: LINK

I can't imagine ANY circumstances that I would need to stand at my trimmer long enough to listen to my iPod through speakers IN my trimmer. I can't use it at a crop - can you imagine 25 trimmers blaring out the music of choice of the owner? You'd have a mix of everything to the annoyance of everyone. And, when your at home, you probably already have speakers for your iPod or you use your headphones (so you can't hear the children!).

So, just WHEN would I use this gimmicky little thing? And, what was the point??

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Alissa - Taylor Gifts said...

Portable music is huge these days. People have gotten attached to their ipods and MP3 players. It seems this brand has taken peoples' need to constantly have their music and added it to a regularly used item. Although it may seem silly since it is a paper cutter, some people may buy this to have as their paper cutter and "radio" all-in-one in their craft room. So while they may not be using the paper cutter, they can still use the speakers while working.