Sep 18, 2008

Remember These???

I was cleaning out some articles I had clipped from Scrapbook Magazines the other day and came across my "Technique" folder. Remember when these were all the rage?
  • Printing on twill tape
  • Slide Mounts
  • Paint Chips (I bet the hardware stores wondered why they disappeared like crazy)
  • Stencils
  • Waxy Flax
  • Altered CDs (it was good for all those AOL CD's we kept getting)
  • Fiber (One of our very first ScrapBiz members had a "Fiber of the Month" Club - it was GREAT!)
  • Bottle caps
All of these still have a place in our scrapbooks and have become technique "fixtures". But, at one point, these were all THE RAGE and no one could get enough. I remember ScrapBiz members ordering bottle caps literally by the THOUSANDS from a home-brewer place we had found. The same goes for twill tape, members were ordering hundreds and hundreds of yards of it.

It's kind of fun to see how Scrapbooking has evolved over the past 10 years. I will probably regret tossing these articles into the recycling bin, but I just don't want to hold on to them anymore.

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Remember When Creations said...

Ha! It's fun to see what everyone couldn't get enough of. I'm sure in the bowels of my scrapbooking supplies, there are some of these items. But, you can still use these things, or if you are introducing a new person to scrapping - then they won't know the difference. At least their pages will look like they have scrapped for several years!

- Jan