Oct 28, 2008

Check out the new ScrapBiz Website!!!

I'm so excited - we finally revamped our site. I liked the old one, but it was made by some programmers in a far off land and it had many "funky" parts to it that drove my webmistress nuts at times.

So, we decided to remodel the place! It looks pretty darn good! TAKE A LOOK!

Information about ScrapBiz is easier than ever to find! And, our members can finally stop searching for that itty-bitty "member log-in" link that was clear at the bottom of the home page on the old site. Now, it's front and center!

And, you'll notice that we added ANOTHER option - the PhotoBookBiz option. We now have 4 products to help you start or run your business:

  • Start a Biz - everything you need to learn about and start a business in the scrapbook industry including the very important support you need to keep it fresh.
  • Just the Start Up Guide for those just looking for information but not really ready to start a business in the near future
  • Support for existing businesses - if you're already in business but looking for like-minded people to hang out and share with, then this is the option for you!
  • And our new PhotoBookBiz option! We're SO EXCITED about this! You can literally start your own branded private label photo book and product site! Check out what I've done with my site HERE. This is great for digital scrapbook designers, custom scrappers, retail stores, online stores - pretty much anyone who wants to add custom photo books to their traditional offerings!

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