Oct 27, 2008

A Memory Bouquet

I sent a friend a cookie bouquet a few weeks ago. She LOVED it! I had it sent to work (because it's always better to get something like that in PUBLIC) and everyone went nuts over it. No one in her office had seen a cookie bouquet. My friend said she won't eat the cookies but that she would keep it until it fell apart. It made quite an impression.

So, in the shower one day, the idea of a "Memory Bouquet" - an arrangement of mini pages on sticks in a nice container- popped into my mind. I had some mini-layouts from a class I taught at Ikea a few years ago - all I needed was sticks, some styrofoam and a container.

By bedtime that night, this is what I whipped up. Even my 11 year old son stopped watching his movie long enough to say, "That's really cool, Mom!"

Wouldn't you love to have a Memory Bouquet delivered to you???

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Musicmom-Amy said...

Very cute!!