Nov 4, 2008

Are you going to be there?

I am! In fact, I'll be teaching a class and leading a tour of the show! There are so many interesting things to discover at PMA and with the addition of a special PSRO Convention this year, you will have some FANTASTIC educational opportunities that will truly help you be a better business owner!

PSRO is a tremendous opportunity for retailers and suppliers in the industry. If you are a forward-thinking retailer wanting to respond to the changes in the industry in the last few years, then you'll discover lots of "goodies" at PMA. That's exactly why I'm leading a tour of the show specifically designed to show scrapbook retailers what PMA has to offer.

My class will also focus on helping retailers in our industry tap into the technology offered by the greater photo industry. We'll show you all sorts of fun products and services you can offer your customers that will bring your store into the 21st Century.

If you want to learn about how to run your business and how to tap into technology to make your business better, then come to Las Vegas in March and join us at PSRO 2009!

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