Nov 3, 2008

Why PhotoBookBiz Works

The last (boo-hoo) edition of Scrapbook Retailer Magazine has or is about to hit your mail box. Check out our full page ad in the middle part of the magazine (look for the ROCKET!). In talking with my oh-so-smart husband the other day, I came up with all the reasons I love the choice I made of working with Rocket Life! It's a GREAT program unlike any other I have seen out there and fits PERFECTLY with my philosophy that independence is the best road to success!

Here are my Top Ten reasons I think PhotoBookBiz is a GREAT opportunity for retailers in our industry:

  1. Works with all types of businesses - it doesn't matter if you want to just have a business out of your home helping friends make books or if you are a bricks and mortar store. It works with online stores, home-based businesses and stores!
  2. Competitive Prices - you get to set your own price above your wholesale cost! This was EXTREMELY important to me. And, the fact that you can compete with other companies was important. I didn't want anyone to have to sell their books so high that their own customers wouldn't use them.
  3. Creativity Platform - the Rocket Life Smart Arrangement Technology means that you can make a REALLY FAST book. But, you can also do all the work yourself. AND, it was also important to me that digital scrapbookers could upload their OWN digital products and easily use them. This software works for everyone from the beginner to the advanced photo book maker/digital scrapper
  4. Class Opportunity - the creativity platform, while pretty easy - has a learning curve just like any piece of new software. But, once you learn the tips and tricks - you have an "aHA!" moment. With an LCD projector and an internet connection, you could easily teach your customers how to use the program in a classroom setting. Then, the ability to offer discount codes for attendees is like icing on the cake for those who pay to attend the class.
  5. Quality - the product quality is top-notch! I've ordered a lot of books from a lot of different companies and the PhotoBookBiz/Rocket Life books and products are some of the best in terms of quality.
  6. Private Label - nearly everything that comes to your customer after they place an order has your brand on it. From the confirmation emails generated by the system after the order is placed to the envelope that the product comes in to the products themselves, it's all YOUR brand and YOUR name.
  7. Cost of the program - it's $98 to sign up. Other companies are charging FAR MORE for a private label option like this
  8. Margins - the profit margins vary by product but so far, PhotoBookBiz businesses are averaging between 20 and 25% profit on their total sales - which is HUGE given the next point.
  9. No shipping or inventory or credit card processing - all that's handled by Rocket Life! Wouldn't it be nice if it worked that way with traditional scrapbook products?!
  10. Digital scrapbooking with a profit! The traditional industry has struggled to figure out how to monetize digital scrapbooking. It hasn't made sense to teach classes or sell CD's and we've lost a lot of our traditional customers to digital. This gives retailers a profitable way to tap into the growing popularity of custom photo books and digital scrapbooking.

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