Dec 17, 2008

New Scrapbooking Consumer Report by PMA

The 2008 U.S. Consumer Scrapbook Report has hit the streets! I haven't had time to read it, yet, but if you're a PSRO member, you can download your copy by logging into the PMA site. This type of research is very valuable to our industry and there is very little of it out there. How can you plan effectively if you don't know what your customers are doing? I appreciate PMA doing the research!

You can find a quick summary of the findings HERE.

If you're already a PSRO member, you can download your free copy of the report HERE. If you're not a PSRO member, click HERE to get a trial membership (why not give your business a Christmas present?) Be sure to write "Kim Guymon" in the referral box - they like to track their referrals. Once you join, you can access the basic report.

Arm yourself with knowledge about the industry. That will help you make some informed decisions regarding the growth of your business in 2009!

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