Dec 19, 2008

Santa Photos: A Suggestion for Photographers

This is a shout-out to my photographer friends in the photo industry. I want to have a photo of my kids with Santa taken. This is probably the last year they will both believe and I want a really nice photo with a great Santa.

I'm not satisfied with the mall Santas, nor the quality of the photos I get there so I'm on the hunt for a great Santa at a local independent photo studio. I see the signs and ads all over for them. But, here's the problem, when I go to their websites to check out their Santas, I am not seeing what I need. Most of the sites don't even mention their Santa photos and I am even finding blogs linked off these sites that have nary a mention of their Santa photos. Why would you not do SOMETHING to let customers know what they're getting? Blogs are easy to update. Post me a photo and put my mind at ease about your Santa photos!

If I'm going to make an appointment, dress my boys up (no easy feat) and pay $50 for a sitting and photos, I want to know what I'm getting. I don't want to arrive at the studio to see what I call "Wino Claus" - some thin-haired hatless Santa in a festive shirt sitting on a metal chair covered with a Christmas-colored blanket. I want the full-on deal - bushy, curly beard, hair as white as snow, beautiful plush velvet suit on a jolly fat man sitting in a large throne-like chair. And, if you're offering that kind of quality - then show me!

I think Santa photos are a great way to drum up business during the holidays. But, hanging a sign outside your studio may not be enough. Many consumers are savvy enough to go looking for more information at your site before they decide to make an appointment. Make it easy for them to find the information they require. Honestly, if I can find a site with the correct information in the next day or two, that's who wins MY business.

Okay, I'll go back to the scrapbook world now.

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