Mar 2, 2009

PMA Day 1 (sort of)

I arrived at PMA this afternoon. Well, really, I arrived in Las Vegas. There isn't much going on today that I needed to be involved in.

As soon as I got checked in to the Hilton, I walked over to the trade show floor and got in via Sheila with the PSRO. I had my map in hand and, dodging forklifts and cherry pickers, I wandered around for about half an hour doing my "tour". It was kind of fun - like getting into Disneyland before anyone else! Not everything was set up, but I at least found the companies on my tour.

So, bright and early in the morning, I'll be navigating the trade show floor with 11 people discovering all sorts of fun goodies! I'll post the list of companies next week when I get back so you can see what we discovered at PMA!

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