Mar 3, 2009

Virtual PMA Tour for Scrapbook Retailers

Here's the online version of my PMA show floor tour for those of you not lucky enough to have joined us this morning. It was a GREAT tour - I enjoyed meeting the great women who joined us!

Braggables - they were at CHA- cute, nice quality photo bags. Everyone was really impressed with the quality of these bags!

Brooke International - This Kodak scanner will BLOW YOU AWAY - it scans a mixed stack of photos lightning fast and you can fix them easily in their software. Everyone was so impressed with the speed of this machine.

Goosie Cards - these are kind of fun if you did them like mini scrapbook pages. Customized flash cards - they'd be fun on a colorful ring and maybe embellished a bit. They are heavy duty -laminated to be loved and wiped off.

Jill-E camera Bags - Lots of "ooooohhhhhs" and "aaaaahhhhs" and "I want THAT ONE" going on. These are high fashion camera bags that look like purses! I love, love, love these bags and will be the owner of one before the month is out (if I don't win one at the luncheon they are very graciously sponsoring!)

Neil Enterprises: The site isn't exciting but I have been playing with a big box of stuff they sent me to alter. Most of it has to be done with digital scrapbooking, but some works well for hybrid. I've had a lot of fun making up samples for them. Once you put your thinking cap on, you will get really excited about this company!

Rocket Life - I love this company so much that I signed up to be a distributor and for $49, you can become a reseller through ScrapBiz HERE. I finally got my hands on the new lay flat and art leather books - OH. MY. HECK! Those are beautiful books. The pages are heavy like cardboard and the bindings are STUNNING. The laminated cover on the art leather/lay flat books glistens because it's printed on a metallic background. If you're a professional photographer, you would really benefit from from using Rocket Life to make books for your clients.

Sawgrass Technologies - They have a system that will allow retailers to make custom gift products IN HOUSE. The have a really nice ink system to use with printers and heat presses to make vivid and long-lasting t-shirts, bookmarks, etc. We were really impressed with their system

Unibind: Their photo book creator is cool because you can bind nearly any type of paper including sheet protectors in it and their covers are meant to be altered. Everyone was very impressed with the durability and strength of the bond to the pages. They just released a new cover that has a sound chip in it so you can record a message with your book - COOL!

We did an unscheduled stop at a booth that had lamps that you slipped a 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 photo into and the photo glowed. We discussed all the possibilities - photos, small scrapbook pages, etc. The guys in the booth were very excited. I can't remember the name, but I'll pick it up and post it here when I go back in a while. EDITED: Here's the link: Photo Light Frames

We also stopped at the Lucidiom booth and did a quick run-down of what they offer in the way of photo kiosks. They are about the only photo kiosks who understand and embrace the scrapbook industry. BTW - they were just purchased by Noritsu who manufactures scanners.


Bobbi said...

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Connie Paxman said...

thanks kim for the wonderful info on all these awesome companies.
A very informative twinkle tour.
connie paxman