May 6, 2009

There Is No Free Lunch (at least at KFC)

I had heard today that there was some promotion for a free sample of the new KFC grilled chicken that Oprah had promoted. You could use a coupon to get free chicken and two sides. So, guess where America headed to eat today?

Apparently, there really is NO FREE LUNCH. KFC blew it in a big way when many of their franchisees refused to honor the coupons or played games in honoring them or just plain closed up shop for the day.

So many lessons in running a business here... LINK to just one site full of complaints.

I can't wait to see who gets blamed. If you give something away for free and score a big name to promote it, why wouldn't you prepare appropriately? That's Business 101.

How many people will never go there again? Probably a lot. Colonel Sanders would be so disappointed...

And, yes, this IS related to scrapbook businesses. Learn from other's mistakes. If you make a promise, keep your promise. Otherwise, you lose customers and none of us can afford to do that!

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Attract Prosperity said...

Hi Kim,

I received my coupon yesterday from a friend who alerted me to the deal.

I might just drive over to the local KFC and see if they accept it out of curiousity.

Independent of any negative publicity I can't even comprehend the free publicity that KFC is receiving. The word Kentucky Fried Chicken is being said and thought about millions of times. Some negative thoughts, some positive, but people are talking about it. That's all KFC or any corporation can ask for as we know that negative perceptions tend to fade quickly. Just watch how swiftly the headlines change.

Thanks for sharing your insight.