May 1, 2009

May is National Photo Month!

Imagine the world without photos. Our memories would be the only thing left from weddings, births, family reunions, school programs, etc. Photos help us remember the events - big and small - of our lives.

Show your photos some love this month! If you've been meaning to scan and share - do that this month! If you've been meaning to upload your photos from your camera - do that today! If you haven't gotten your photos into scrapbooks, photo albums or photobooks, now is a great time to work on those activities again. Here are some other suggestions:

  • Offer to take a photo for someone so they can be in it.
  • Print out those photos from your computer.
  • Organize and label your negatives.
  • Send slides off for scanning.
  • take photos of ordinary, everyday activities - those are important, too!
  • photograph your collections and hobbies
  • photograph your kids' favorite toys
Photos bring our memories back to life! Celebrate them in May!

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