Sep 30, 2009

I *heart* PagePlus X4 by Serif

For years I have used Microsoft Publisher to make all my business brochures, cards, etc.  Well, after discovering Digital Scrapbook Artist by Serif (check out the free version at, I was invited to try out PagePlus X4.  It has many of the same cool features of Digital Scrapbook Artist so I decided to take a crack at it. 

Shortly after I got it, I had to make a flyer for an activity at church.  I started making it in MS Publisher but then remembered I could use Page Plus.  So, I started it over in that program.

When I was done, I printed them both out and asked my husband which one he liked better.  He chose the PagePlus one.  It was SO MUCH COOLER!  Instead of flat fonts on the page, I had a custom shadow under my font.  Instead of a flat arrow graphic, I had one that looked like an epoxy dimensional sticker.  Everything just *popped* off the page and the flyer was more visually interesting than the Publisher one.  It really appealed to the digi scrapper in me!

I also used it to make my son's birthday party invitation and add dimension to some graphics for my new PhotoBookBiz website. 

While I have yet to scratch the surface of this gem of a program as far as understanding and using the many features, it was easy to figure out and when you start clicking around, there are so many cool ways you can create with it!  If  you're looking for some great business desktop publishing software that allows more creativity than most out there, I highly recommend Page Plus X4 by Serif

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