Sep 23, 2009

Start a Photobook Business Today!

As I look towards my own personal business shift in December with the discontinuation of the ScrapBiz Member Support Program, I am also opening a new chapter.  Well, okay, it's not really new.  It's been an option at ScrapBiz for nearly a year.  But it's grown up into it's own website. 

If you have thought about starting your own photobook business - we've got the solution.  We aren't an "affiliate" program where you place a link on your site and make a small perk whenever someone makes a photobook through your link.  And, we aren't a multi-level direct sales company with high prices and recruiting.  Just like ScrapBiz, PhotoBookBiz sort of stands alone in it's own category.

This is a completely independent option that gives you more control than any other option out there. 

Check out PhotoBookBiz for details on how, for just $49, you can set up an business as fast as you can fill out a form!

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