Jun 9, 2005

I Need a Scrap-Maid!

Wouldn't that be totally cool to have one???!!!! I HATE cleaning up after scrapping - all those little pieces of paper that are too big to get sucked into the vacuum so I have to crawl around on my hands and knees picking them up. I TRY to keep them off the floor, but it rarely works! I hate the big pile of scraps that I want to save but would have to sort. I hate the mixed up colors of paper, etc. Wouldn't it be cool to scrap your heart out and then walk away and the next time you came, all the patterned papers that you had mixed up were all re-sorted back into their proper place, all your stamps were cleaned, your Hermafix was re-filled, your fallen eyelets and brads were picked up and put back in the right place, etc. That would be "Martha Stewart-Style" scrapping - some intern would swoop down and CATCH her blue tabs before they even hit the floor!

When I was small, my favorite show was Bewitched (okay, it's still one of my favs). I think Elizabeth Montgomery was beautiful and I wanted to look just like her when I grew up (including the ultra-teased blonde flip-do). Now, I want to be her so I could just twitch my nose and *POOF* the scrap area would be cleaned up! Then maybe my family could actually eat in the dining room more often than just Christmas and Easter...

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Nancy said...

I am soooo messy when I scrap. I wish I could be neat and tidy,
it would also be nice to know where everything is in my scraproom. I need a scrap fairy!

Kim Guymon said...

My dh finally said yesterday, "You gonna clean this up" (as nicely as possible - LOL!). I guess I'll be forced to work on that today. Darn... where's that maid???